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Old Facebook finally wants you to ‘Meet New Friends’

Facebook’s social graph is aging, full of long-lost acquaintances and hometown friends you don’t care much about seeing in the News Feed any more. But Facebook is now testing a pivot away from its core identity of connecting you with existing friends so it can revitalize the social graph and keep people coming back. Facebook’s “Meet New Friends” lets you browse people from shared communities such as your school, workplace or city who’ve also opted in to the feature. Announced today at Facebook’s F8 conference, Meet New […]

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Watch Facebook’s F8 2019 keynote right here

Facebook’s yearly developer conference kicks off today. The keynote starts at 1PM / 10AM with opening remarks from Facebook’s chief Mark Zuckerberg. As in past years, the event will last several hours and feature updates from various Facebook departments. This year’s event comes as Facebook is attempting an ambitious transition to a privacy-focused messaging platform. It’s a tough sell given the company’s recent history and a consumer base increasingly becoming jaded to Facebook’s data-harvesting ways. But the show must go on. We’ll be onsite but you can […]

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