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BuzzFeed teams up with Eko to create interactive recipes and other videos

BuzzFeed and Eko have been working together to create a wide range of interactive videos, which they began launching in the past week or so — starting with this Tasty potato recipe that allows you to customize your ingredients, revealing a bit about your personality in the process. There’s also an interactive Tarot reading, a video quiz that determines which kind of dog you are and this customizable ramen video. I spoke with BuzzFeed and Eko executives last week to learn more about how they’re working together, […]

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Walmart is working with Eko to create interactive content

Walmart and Eko announced a partnership this morning to create a joint venture for interactive content called W*E Interactive Ventures. The best example of the interactivity that Eko enables is probably “That Moment When,” a comedy web series that the startup created last year in partnership with Sony. In a series of short videos, you take on the role of Jill, a young-ish woman struggling to get her life together — the viewer decides what Jill says and also plays mini-games to help her achieve her goals. According […]

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