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Coinbase’s becomes a crypto webinar with crypto rewards

Coinbase acquired for at least $120 million back in April. And the company now plans to transform into Coinbase Earn, a website with educational content to learn more about cryptocurrencies. Users who complete those classes will earn tokens. Coinbase bought partly so that it could appoint co-founder and CEO Balaji Srinivasan as Coinbase’s CTO. The previous iteration of wasn’t a priority for Coinbase. started as a service where you can contact busy people for a small fee. Busy people would get […]

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Decentralized exchange Radar Relay raises $10 million

Meet Radar Relay, a cryptocurrency startup that just raised $10 million from Blockchain Capital and other investors. The company is taking advantage of the 0x protocol to change your tokens into other tokens without going through a traditional exchange. Centralized exchanges have been one of the main weaknesses of the cryptocurrency industry for years. A centralized exchange can get hacked or shut down. Malicious users can also hijack your account and transfer all your tokens. “I definitely hope centralized exchanges go burn in hell as much as […]

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